Things Required to Build a Gaming Desktop [Part 1]


Hi there, i have noticed that the number of gamers have arise. Most of the people prefer to play high-end games using their desktop or even laptops. Some example of the games are “Call of duty – Modern warfare 3”, “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Crysis 2. There are also more games out there that are very popular to gamers as there are more and more games releasing every month. So i was thinking to write this hub to share with everyone who is interested to build their very own gaming desktop, as it might be useful for those who decide to buy a computer to build their own desktop as it might be more cheaper and have a better specification of your own choice.

Parts you will need

As for the parts that you all will need are,

  1. Casing for your desktop.
  2. Power supply
  3. Mother board
  4. Processor / CPU
  5. Computer memory / RAM
  6. Hard drive / hard disk
  7. Graphic card
  8. CD / DVD burner
  9. Monitor
  10. CPU/Processor Cooler (optional)

Casing for your desktop

Firstly, you will need a computer case to assemble all your components, i will prefer you guys to search online on different brands and models of the casing to round it up and see which of the case best suits for your preference of your appearance of your gaming PC. The brand that i prefer is cooler master as it is one of the most popular brand uses for gaming, you guys may go to the cooler master website to check it out as there are reviews and picture in it.

Power supply

Most of the people out there who really loves playing games with high-end games, you will need a powerful power supply to start and have enough power to manage your graphic cards. I will highly recommend you to have a power supply with at least 500 watt so that your computer parts have just the right ammount of energy distributed to each unit. For a gaming computer, i will recommend the output capacity of the power supply to be 500-1000W.


  • For motherboard, there are different brands like “ASUS”, “GIGABYTE”, “MSI”. Mainly these brands are the ones quite popular in the market, as they are mostly used to build a desktop for gaming.
  • Firstly, there will be two kind of sizes, ATX motherboard or Micro ATX motherboard. ATX motherboards are bigger in size and is normally use for gaming. While Micro ATX motherboard is smaller in size and contain lesser components than ATX motherboard.
  • Secondly, choose your motherboard if you wan to have a INTEL socket or AMD socket, because if the motherboard that you choose does not support the processor that you chosen, you will not be able to use it.
  • Thirdly, You might want to have a motherboard that supports over-clocking technology to boost your processor to have a better performance for your desktop and the games you play.
  • Lastly, You will need hard drive for your desktop and u will need SATA ports, so you might want to think on how much hard drive you want to install into your desktop,

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