How to Make a Gaming Computer From Scratch

If you want to play the latest games on PC, then you need a gaming PC. That means serious hardware that will be able to keep up with the intensive graphics that games like Crysis 3 demand – and the best way to get that is to build your own machine.

Building your own gaming PC is not only the most fun way to go about building a powerful computer (it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to know that it’s one-of-a-kind and built entirely with your own hands), but it’s also the most practical; saving you a lot of money and ensuring that it’s easy to upgrade as technology continues to move forward.

And the best news? It’s easier than you think! Read on and we’ll look at how to go about building a unique computer that will handle anything you can throw at it.

Step 1

To start out you should first do some research. Read as much literature on the matter as you can (this is a good start), find out the required specs for the kinds of games you want to play, and then identify a good supplier where you can get all the parts you need promptly and affordably.

Step 2

Next you are going to need your motherboard which will serve as the basis for the rest of your components. Choose a motherboard and the CPU separately so that you can replace the CPU in future, and make sure that it has multiple PCI upgrade slots and a PCI express or AGP slot. Also important is to choose a motherboard with lots of USB ports. Gaming requires lots of USBs so that you can plug in all those controllers.

Step 3

Next you’ll want to get the RAM. Alongside the CPU this will give your computer a lot of processing power. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with your motherboard to the letter. If your manufacturer says your RAM should be 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM DIMMS with 1GB each then that’s what you should get. If you buy the wrong RAM your computer won’t run. 4 gigabytes of RAM is the minimum for a gaming PC, but don’t be afraid to go higher for some serious performance!

Step 4

Now you need a hard-drive which is where your files will be stored. Games are large files (Deus Ex: Human Revolution is 8GB for instance), so you’ll want lots of space. Also important though is the speed, and for maximum performance here you should look into an SSD (solid state disk).

Step 5

Next you want a graphics card for that PCI Express/AGP slot. The best models come from companies like nVidia, GeForce and ATI Radeon. You will also want an audio card, which should support surround sound. Make sure that it also supports all the speakers and headphones you want to use with it.

Step 6

Finally you need to get a case in order to house all the components and then install them inside. Have some fun choosing something that looks striking, and make sure that the motherboard is going to fit. It’s also important to get a fan for cooling – as things are going to be getting pretty hot in here! Now choose a power supply, a gaming keyboard, a monitor and a mouse and you’re ready to start blowing things up!

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