Final Fantasy XIII: Boss Guide

Final Fantasy XIII Boss Battles – General Strategies

General tips:

  • Always buff up at the beginning of the battle.
  • Try and de-buff the boss straight away
  • Use LIBRA to find out the weakness.
  • Use the right paradigm at the right time:

Diversity – attack while healing

Solidarity – heal but jeeps chain gauge steady

Relentless assault – builds up the chain gauge

  • Use launch when bosses are staggered
  • Use Eidolons to get out of trouble – with the Gestalt Sequence you get a ‘free heal’ of all party members.
  • Watch out for ‘big attacks’ – if you can anticipate them, you can get into the correct paradigm to minimize damage.

For most battles I give simple strategies on this web page.


Boss: Anima

This is a nice introduction into boss battles and is one of the easiest bosses you will come across. Concentrate on the left and right arms first and then go for the main body. Watch for re-spawns and keep up with the same strategy, using healing potions if needed – you really shouldn’t have any problem with this battle.


  • Boss: Manasavin Warmech
    The Manasavin Warmech isnt one of the hardest bosses on Final Fantasy XIII, but if youre not aware of the strategy that it uses against you then youll most likely fail. Firstly, before doing anything…

Boss: Guarda Interceptor

This is a relatively easy battle and doesn’t require too much strategy. Use Libra to eat up his health – use the relentless assault paradigm until the cut scene starts. Your health will be replenishes. Continue to use Relentless Assault and Diversity until Guarda Interceptor is worn down.

Boss: Shiva and Nix

This seems like a tough battle but there is a very simple technique to win this one. Change Snow to Sentinel and use Auto Guard – timing is important; you want to guard when Shica attacks him. The ‘gauges’ should fill pretty quickly on this battle and allow you to win this one very simply.


Boss: Odin

This is one of the harder battles so far and it can take a few times to get right. You really need to get your buffs set before the battle – use Aegisol and Fortisol if you have them. Keep on healing and curing until you fill Odin’s chain gauge.

Use the symbiosis parafigm if needed to cast cure and buffs, then switch to the War and Peace paradigm. Watch for Odin to use his shield and then switch to dual-caster paradigm and you should be able to begin to fill the chain gauge quickly – keep on switching between these two paradigms until the chain gauge is full – this will allow you end the battle quickly.


  • Boss: Aster Protoflorian
    Aster Protoflorian is a boss that you will meet at the end of Gapra Whitehood; so far, this is probably the toughest boss you have faced especially as you only have Lightning and Hope. Aster Protoflorian…


  • Boss: Enki and Enlil
    This is the first boss battle in which you have to fight two bosses at the same time in Final Fantasy XIII. So how do you beat Enki and Enlil? Well this is a tough fight but as long as you have the right…


  • Boss: Ushumgai Subjugator.
    This is one of those battles where a little luck comes in handy as Ushumgal Subjugator can do some serious damage very quickly. As Hope doesnt have much HP this can become a problem very quickly. …

Boss: Ushumgal Subjugator (Second battle)

Surprisingly this battle is far easier than the first time. Use Libra until Hope dies and then Lightning and Fang join the fight. Switch to the Evened Odds paradigm and buff your characters – if possible, debuff Ushumgai.

Use Relentless Assault to get the chain gauge moving – heal when needed until the boss is staggered – the battle is easy at this point.

  • Boss: The Havoc Sky Tank
    One of the hardest boss types to deal with are the ones with multiple parts. The Havoc Skytank is no exception, and this is one of the harder fights you will come across as you play through Final…


  • Boss: Midlight Reaper
    In Final Fantasy XIII you meet some pretty tough bosses. The Midlight Reaper isnt the most difficult boss in the game, but due to the high HP it can be a long battle if you dont have the right strategy….

Boss: Brynhilder

Use the Tide Turner and cast Haste on both characters – this boos is really fast and you really need haste up and running to have any chance. Use war and peace to heal and then start using Dualcasting – you should be able to defeat the boss just using these two paradigms, but keep an eye on your HP, and rebuff if necessary.

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