Temple Run 2 – Cool Games For Kids and Gameplay

Temple Run 2 is a really fun and cool game. My mom got me hooked on this game. The object of the game is to just like original Temple Run is to take the idol and then run as fast as you can and avoid being eaten by the large scary gorilla, all the obstacles around you, like trees, cliffs, waterfalls and flames of fire, using the zip lines, mine tracks and making sure don’t fall off the edge with sharper turns, doing all this while collecting coins.


This game is really fun to play and can keep me entertained for long periods at a time, like those long drives to the cottage. In Temple Run 2, you can now choose from 4 different characters. The game also now offers power-ups/boost-ups.  Another cool feature is when you die in the game, you can come back to life with the green gem.


When playing on the iPad its much harder to maneuver because you need to tilt the iPad to go from side to side vs using an iTouch which is much smaller and easier to tilt. Also the game seems to get faster and faster the farther you go and stay alive, which can be very challenging after playing for a while.


I highly recommend this app. This app is extremely fun to play and challenging at the same time. I like that you can be different characters and I really like the graphics in this game, makes you feel like you’re really there and makes you feel like you’re the actual explorer being chased.

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