Exploding Kittens Game Review : Fun Game For Family

Exploding Kittens is a fun game that can be played with the whole family (Depending on which deck you use) or with your friends at game night. Its super easy to learn, it took us around 5 minutes and 10 minutes to explain everything to the kids.

You have two different decks. The Exploding Kittens: Original Edition (Kid Friendly) & The Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition (Explicit Content). The difference between the decks is the NSFW version of the game contains the full version of Exploding Kittens, but the artwork on each card has been replaced with content too horrible/amazing to be used in the original Exploding Kittens Game.

Each deck can play 2-5 players. The game usually lasts between 15-25 minutes depending on the strategic use of cards.

How to play:

– To start you take out the right amount of Exploding Kittens to use. (There is always one less exploding kitten card placed in the deck than there are players.)

– You put the draw deck face down.

– Then everyone starts to draw cards.

– When you pick up a card that’s the end of your turn and it’s on to the next person.

Example Turn: If you had a See the Future Card and a Skip Card in your hand. You put the See the Future Card in the discard pile and peek at the top 3 cards. If there were an exploding Kitten Card at the top of the draw deck you would put your skip card down in the discard pile so that the player after you could possibly pick it up and be out of the game. (Unless they had a Defuse Card)

– You can play as many action cards as you want before you pick up your card.

– If you pick up an Exploding Kitten card and you don’t have a defuse card… your out of the game. (The card would then be placed in the Discard pile)

– You will win the game if you are being the last person left alive.

(It does’t matter about how many the number of cards in your hand…. JUST DON’T BLOW UP!)

– That’s it. Obviously the game gets more complex with all the action cards and nope cards!

Exploding Kittens Game Cards:

  • Exploding Kittens Card: A player loses when they draw this card, unless they have a defuse card. Then the exploding kitten card goes back into the deck somewhere (anywhere they want). If someone doesn’t have a defuse card and they get taken out of the game there Exploding Kitten card goes in the discard pile.
  • Defuse: Can stop a person from blowing up and being taken out of the game.
  • Skip Card: The player ends their turn without drawing a card.
  • Cat Cards: Try and get 2 or 3 of a kind. If you have 2 of a kind you can use them as an action and pick another player to steal from. (That player holds up his hand and you take a card at random) If you get 3 of a kind you pick a player to steal from and name the card you want. (If they don’t have the card your out of luck! Keep in mind if someone has a nope card they can always use it.
  • Attack Card: Skips your turn and forces the next player to take 2 turns.
  • Shuffle Card: Shuffle the deck.
  • See the future Card: View the top 3 cards on the deck.
  • Favor Card: Choose a player of your choice and they give you a card of their choosing.
  • Nope Card: Stops the action of another player (Can be played at any time) Can stop anything except a Defuse Card and a Exploding Kitten Card
  • Cards without instructions: you must play this game in matched pairs, and allow the player to take a random card from another player.

You can choose to use your action cards or not… just hope you don’t pick up the Exploding Kitten Card!

Also keep in mind that you can form 2 or 3 of a kind with any card as long as all the icons in the upper left of the cards match.

The Game was created by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman “The Oatmeal” and Shane Small. It set the record for having the most backers in Kickstarter History. The Exploding Kittens Game was the fourth most funded campaign on the crowd funding site.


  • Cards have GREAT graphics on them! I LOVE them!
  • Super kid friendly game that has the kids laughing constantly!
  • The cards are sturdy


  • I only really have one complaint I wish they had a more variety of cards to make the game play more interesting.
  • I wish that my box would meow!


Overall The Exploding Kittens Game is super fun and will have everyone laughing! Thanks for taking the time to read my short review! I hope you enjoyed my site remember to leave me a comment!

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