Detective and Mystery Games Online

Everyone loves a mystery. Who did what to who.and why? Mysteries cry out to be solved. A great detective is needed or the evil doer will go free and none of us will be safe.

Mystery games online are a challenge for the mind and for skills of observation, cool thinking and nerve. The great detectives of the past are sometimes brought back to life to help out. Clues are uncovered and, in the final moments, the great unknowns are revealed to us.

The games below are carefully chosen to give the very best of this special genre. So make sure that you won’t be disturbed then take a few, slow, deep breaths and plunge in.

For New Players

If you have never played this kind of game before there is a Nancy Drew walkthrough below. It shows you the kinds of things that you need to do to win these kinds of game.

The Stone Of Destiny

When your uncle disappears one day it is up to you to find him. The only things that will help you are a book, a map and an envelope of mysterious objects. Once you have found all these things you are able to unlock the doors that stand in the way of your quest and travel to marvellous cities where more clues need to be discovered and used. There are many levels and a lot of surprises before you discover what happened to your uncle and rescue him.

Drawn: The Painted Tower

This is a fantastic and sometimes, very scary, world. The painted Tower has many locked rooms theat you need to open and explore. The puzzles that you find need solving and the fascinting creatures that you come across might help you or they might stand in your way.

All the time the that you are playing a terrible darkness is approaching. Can you save the heroine at the centre of the tower?

Be warned- this is a difficult game so only start if you have plenty of time to finish.

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

In your role as Nancy Drew, you travel to the Canadian rockies at the request of Chantal who owns the Icicle Creek Lodge. There have been too many accidents recently and suspicions are forming of foul play. The guests and residents are made even more nervous by a wolf that prowls the forest and howls in a terrifying way at night.The same wolf is also present whenever there is an accident but disappears as soon as anyone tries to to trap it.

The moment you arrive thing get even worse. An explosion destroys one of the bunk houses as you are heading to your lodge to unpack. The white wolf is howling in the forest and suddenly you are faced with murderous intents and supernatural peril.

You need to solve this mystery soon or Chantal will lose her guests and her business.

Easter Island Mystery

This is a strange and unusual game but it has some clever puzzles to solve including finding and translating long hidden stone tablets.

You are an archaeologist trying to save a world that is in trouble from global warming.

Things are getting bad and you need to find some ancient technology left behind by aliens long ago on creepy Easter Island.

Wake the Guardians and save the world!

Stickman Mysteries

There plenty of mysteries to solve here.

The graphics here are not perfect. In fact a lot of people would say that they were fun but terrible. On the other hand, the mysteries are great and very satisfying to solve. Real cops like these games and play them a lot.

You are a detective in Stickville. The chief sends you out to solve a murder. After you have collected a bunch of clues you head back to the office and tell him your theories. Have you got it right? Maybe, maybe not. Nothing is what it seems in Stickville- but if you stick to it you will get the bad guys.

This series will appeal to older gamers.

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

A whole series of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries!

The first is an atmospheric and creepy mystery game that begins in the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. A man is found wandering mad with fear and talking about curses and mummies. Can you as the great detective Sherlock Holmes piece together what has happened by finding the clues in that huge and gloomy place?

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