Hacking the Silent Hill Demo: The Version We Didn’t See

One of my greatest gaming memories recently was hacking the original Silent Hill demo apart. A demo often contains unfinished and unrefined content not meant to be seen by anyone.

Due to my hacking efforts I was privileged enough to see material that no-one had seen for around 16 years – and which no-one had seen, ever, outside of the development team – simply an amazing experience for such a classic game. I turned this content into two videos and an article which you can see below.

Working on this project for three days (almost non-stop other than sleep) with the game’s soundtrack blaring out definitely had a HUGE temporary psychological effect on me. Listen to Silent Hill’s Dead End on repeat while reading this article and you’ll know how I feel! I could of turned the volume off, but honestly, keeping it on kept me in the game world and made this project possible.

UPDATE (July 16th 2014): Thanks for the views and comments! I’ve just added a third video which takes a more in-depth look at the hidden rooms of the second SH1 demo. This will probably be the last video for awhile unless more demo content is discovered.

It All Began As A Translation Project..

I didn’t set out to hack the demo, it found me. It all started as a Japanese translation project; I wanted to compare the script of the English version with the Japanese version as I had noticed a number of discrepancies between the two versions while playing. Eventually I began to unravel greater mysteries.. stuff that alluded to possible beta/unfinished content. It pretty much forced me to take a look at the several early demos and trial editions available and see what kind of text they had.

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