Jelly Splash Review – Challenging Game For Kids of All Ages

Jelly Splash is a really fun and challenging game for kids of all ages. The object of the game in Jelly Splash is to connect 3 or more of the same colored Jelly’s together. The more Jelly’s of the same color you connect to make a line gives you a higher score and a glowing jelly. If you can make a line with the glowing jelly, that entire row of jellies will disappear and you will get a higher score.

To move to the next level you need to complete the requested task. Some of the requested tasks are: Reach 12000 points in 15 moves, Clear all the dark slime in 12 moves, Bring 5 diamonds to the bottom in 18 moves. The game has 140 levels. Each area has 20 levels.

Pros: Read More

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Devilian Online Action MMORPG Review

Devilian Online is an Action MMORPG developed by Bluehole Ginno Games, and published by Trion Worlds in North America on December 2015.

If you live in North America, then you can download the steam version of Devilian. Otherwise, get it on their own platform which is Glyph.

Currently, there are 5 gender-locked classes. These are Berserker, Canonneer, Evoker, Shadow Hunter, and Tempest (Latest). Both have its own unique specialties. Read More

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Printable Games For Kids : Keep Kids Occupied

Anyone who has children will know they can sometimes be really hard to keep them occupied particularly during the summer vacation and other school holidays. Many parents will feel this is especially difficult if the weather is bad and the kids have to stay inside.

Many parents want to find something to their children to do that does not involve watching television or playing on a computer game. These are the kind of habits that many parents will want to get their children out of and encourage them to do something a little more productive instead.

If you have a computer, internet access and a printer you can start to look for printable games for kids that will keep them occupied and will not involve them having to play on a computer game. We recommend you to use the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges because you can print many objects easily and cheaper. You can print anything you want for your kids and when the ink cartridge runs out, you can buy replacement ink at an affordable price. Read More

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Things Required to Build a Gaming Desktop [Part 1]


Hi there, i have noticed that the number of gamers have arise. Most of the people prefer to play high-end games using their desktop or even laptops. Some example of the games are “Call of duty – Modern warfare 3”, “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Crysis 2. There are also more games out there that are very popular to gamers as there are more and more games releasing every month. So i was thinking to write this hub to share with everyone who is interested to build their very own gaming desktop, as it might be useful for those who decide to buy a computer to build their own desktop as it might be more cheaper and have a better specification of your own choice.

Parts you will need

As for the parts that you all will need are,

  1. Casing for your desktop.
  2. Power supply
  3. Mother board
  4. Processor / CPU
  5. Computer memory / RAM
  6. Hard drive / hard disk
  7. Graphic card
  8. CD / DVD burner
  9. Monitor
  10. CPU/Processor Cooler (optional)

Casing for your desktop

Firstly, you will need a computer case to assemble all your components, i will prefer you guys to search online on different brands and models of the casing to round it up and see which of the case best suits for your preference of your appearance of your gaming PC. The brand that i prefer is cooler master as it is one of the most popular brand uses for gaming, you guys may go to the cooler master website to check it out as there are reviews and picture in it. Read More

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Detective and Mystery Games Online

Everyone loves a mystery. Who did what to who.and why? Mysteries cry out to be solved. A great detective is needed or the evil doer will go free and none of us will be safe.

Mystery games online are a challenge for the mind and for skills of observation, cool thinking and nerve. The great detectives of the past are sometimes brought back to life to help out. Clues are uncovered and, in the final moments, the great unknowns are revealed to us.

The games below are carefully chosen to give the very best of this special genre. So make sure that you won’t be disturbed then take a few, slow, deep breaths and plunge in.

For New Players

If you have never played this kind of game before there is a Nancy Drew walkthrough below. It shows you the kinds of things that you need to do to win these kinds of game.

The Stone Of Destiny

When your uncle disappears one day it is up to you to find him. The only things that will help you are a book, a map and an envelope of mysterious objects. Once you have found all these things you are able to unlock the doors that stand in the way of your quest and travel to marvellous cities where more clues need to be discovered and used. There are many levels and a lot of surprises before you discover what happened to your uncle and rescue him.

Drawn: The Painted Tower

This is a fantastic and sometimes, very scary, world. The painted Tower has many locked rooms theat you need to open and explore. The puzzles that you find need solving and the fascinting creatures that you come across might help you or they might stand in your way.

All the time the that you are playing a terrible darkness is approaching. Can you save the heroine at the centre of the tower?

Be warned- this is a difficult game so only start if you have plenty of time to finish.

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

In your role as Nancy Drew, you travel to the Canadian rockies at the request of Chantal who owns the Icicle Creek Lodge. There have been too many accidents recently and suspicions are forming of foul play. The guests and residents are made even more nervous by a wolf that prowls the forest and howls in a terrifying way at night.The same wolf is also present whenever there is an accident but disappears as soon as anyone tries to to trap it.

The moment you arrive thing get even worse. An explosion destroys one of the bunk houses as you are heading to your lodge to unpack. The white wolf is howling in the forest and suddenly you are faced with murderous intents and supernatural peril.

You need to solve this mystery soon or Chantal will lose her guests and her business.

Easter Island Mystery

This is a strange and unusual game but it has some clever puzzles to solve including finding and translating long hidden stone tablets.

You are an archaeologist trying to save a world that is in trouble from global warming.

Things are getting bad and you need to find some ancient technology left behind by aliens long ago on creepy Easter Island.

Wake the Guardians and save the world!

Stickman Mysteries

There plenty of mysteries to solve here.

The graphics here are not perfect. In fact a lot of people would say that they were fun but terrible. On the other hand, the mysteries are great and very satisfying to solve. Real cops like these games and play them a lot.

You are a detective in Stickville. The chief sends you out to solve a murder. After you have collected a bunch of clues you head back to the office and tell him your theories. Have you got it right? Maybe, maybe not. Nothing is what it seems in Stickville- but if you stick to it you will get the bad guys.

This series will appeal to older gamers.

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

A whole series of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries!

The first is an atmospheric and creepy mystery game that begins in the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. A man is found wandering mad with fear and talking about curses and mummies. Can you as the great detective Sherlock Holmes piece together what has happened by finding the clues in that huge and gloomy place?

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How to Clean PC Gaming with Vacuum Cleaner

It is very important to keep your PC computer clean! One of the easiest ways to keep your computer clean and prevent breakdowns is to vacuum out the dust.. Cleaning the PC gaming computer components, fans, keyboard, and case is usually never done the entire life of the computer. Depending on where the computer is located is the key to how often it should be cleaned. Also, a quick visual inspection will help in determining whether or not it is time to pull out the vacuum and suck out the dust.

After vacuuming the dust out of the different parts of the computer, the computer will run cooler and more efficiently. Heat is the biggest foe of the computer. That is the reason that computer CPUs, power supplies, and computer cases have fans. In addition, the computer case is designed with cooling vents allowing airflow throughout the case. Fans and case vents always collect dust and should be kept clean. Be aware that dust can damage and ruin the fans over long periods of time. One can tell when the fan is starting to go bad when it begins to make noise. If the fan is making noise when the computer is turned on it may be too late to clean. The fan should be replaced. If the fan stops working, it may not take long afterwards that your computer quits working due to overheating. Again, all of this can be avoided by simply sucking the dust off of the computer. Note that the dust should be lifted off the computer with a vacuum and not spread around by wiping.

According to vacuum expert at where you can find the best vacuum for 2020 in UK, A computer vacuum is an excellent tool in keeping your computer clean. It is designed for the PC computer. Do not use an upright vacuum nor any household vacuum used on carpets and floors. It is highly recommended that the correct tools be used to clean the computer as the motherboard, hard drive, CPU, and add on boards are sensitive to static electricity. Not only can you use a computer vacuum to clean the computer, but having a vacuum to clean the keyboard is a bonus. The keyboard is in the open and is subject to a falling object. If you are like me, you are attached to your keyboard. My keyboard has been with me over the ownership of several computers. Keeping the keyboard in good working condition by vacuuming out the junk that falls through the keys will ensure a long life for a favourite keyboard. Read More

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7 Steps to Choosing the Best Baby Games Online

How to find online games, which are worth your time and money? We created the simple step by step guide about how to search and choose baby computer games online. Just go through all below points and create your own action plan starting from getting the overview of main baby games online to analyzing your kids’ needs to finding a proper balance between different children’s activities.

1. Get the big picture of all free online games and paid interactive games for babies

Are you looking for really cute baby games online? Are you typing into a search engine several different phrases trying to find something that is appropriate for your small one? There is a plenty of different free and paid games and other online activities for toddlers.

Our advice is to use a structured approach in order to simplify the whole process of choosing best of the best for your small beloved kid! Save your time and read our simple guide: Games for Toddlers – Getting Started to get a big picture of games for toddlers landscape, and then just follow the simple steps indicated below.

We would like you to remember that there are many other options than just online games for kids to be chosen from, if you want to support the development of your child and engage him/her in a clever way. Check other sections of this website about painting games and cooking games for toddlers.

2. Determine your child’s needs

Take into account the following 5 main factors:

Age: infant, toddler, pre-schooler, older kid?
Time to be spent: short 10 – 15 min games or the ones requiring longer concentration on the activity?
Talent/skills to be developed: painting, shape or numbers recognition, reading, social skills, manual skills, creativity, imagination?
Number of players: can your child play independently or does he/she need your support?
• Can the whole family be involved? Does the game enhance interaction with other people?
Safety: is this online game appropriate for the age? Make sure that the game is not violent. BE CAREFUL with websites which contain pornography related pictures or links which potentially can redirect your child to porn websites.

3. Analyse reviews and parenting forums

It seems to be time consuming but it is not! Just google it! There are hundreds parenting websites and forums which can be trusted. All parents want all the best for their kids and they would not recommend to other parents online games for baby that are not appropriate or can be even dangerous for emotional development of your kid.

However, be careful and just do not type into Google the most popular phrases such as “online baby games free” or “online free baby games” as you are going to be overloaded by dozens of not very useful pieces of information and some websites with “messy” content – just simply aggregating different games for toddlers that are not necessarily worth even checking.

We recommend to check out Metacritic website for finding some reliable reviews.
Have a look at some research and download a free report: Children, Teens, Media, and Body Image to broaden your knowledge on potential media impact on your child.

4. Search for the best online games for your baby

Prepare a short list of games which are the most interesting, engaging, and have great reviews. At this stage you can also create a simple matrix with all above-mentioned factors which you can use on the later stage of choosing the best game online for your kid. Use this tool always when you are searching on the Internet or planning to invest money in some product for your baby.

5. Match the best online games you have found with your child’s needs

Simply use your matrix and match a short list of games you have chosen with all factors you should take into account (see: Step 2).
Choose the best match. Still not satisfied? Repeat the previous stage in order to create customised search and find valuable opinions of other users. Always check customers’ reviews on trusted websites such as or some parenting websites.

6. Find balance between online games for baby and other activities

Did you find the best online game for your kid? That is not the end of the whole process, which all good parents should follow. There are two additional steps: this one is about the importance of finding the proper balance between different activities in which your kid is involved.

Always combine online and other computer based games with different outdoor and indoor activities. Remember to check all options: there are great free resources online (check our guide) and also interesting relatively cheap applications or games and toys accessible.

Spend time with your toddler while singing action songs and using “fingerplays”. Find some interesting and unique activity for your older kids, such as creating figures from string. Engage the whole family in funny and learning board games or play together Xbox games for toddlers.

Get inspired and check out also our section about travel games, painting games, and cooking games and How to improve social skills of your baby? Most engaging baby games for girls and boys.

7. Track time spent on playing online games

We strongly advise you to create a simple system of tracking time spent on playing online games for baby. Observe your children and keep track of how much time they spend on the computer or iPad etc. Set priorities list and discuss it with a child. Of course you are responsible for setting all limits of your young one but try to explain every time the importance of finding balance between learning and fun games, and playing and other children’s activities such as homework, hobbies, sport training, meeting friends etc.

You can use simple visual solution such as Time Management Wheel (simply draw a circle on a piece of paper) which can be coloured by your small ones using pre-defined colours. Divide it into 5 parts (toddlers and pre-schoolers) or 7-10 parts (older kids depending on the number of different interests). Let’s assume that a pink colour symbolizes time spent on playing fun games. Ask your child to colour this part of the wheel and make sure that a child fully understands the meaning of it.

Try to subdivide a game part into smaller parts and teach your young one some basics of time management. Your kids should understand that when the whole game part is almost pink they should make a decision: should I play now? Should I wait a little bit and play later? Always try to choose learning games instead of games which are purely for fun such as baby Barbie games online.

Everything depends on your creativity – just create an agreement with your kids and be CONSEQUENT!

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My Math App – How You Can Learn Math Easily, Everywhere and Anytime


=&1=& is a simple to use app where you can learn the basics for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Simple Flash Cards appear on the screen displaying the questions.

=&2=&You can configure the app however you like. Like how many digits are used, the number of questions, even a timer to see how long it takes for you to answer the questions, which can good if you want to play against someone and see who has the faster time.

=&3=&The game can get boring after a while, nothing in the game keeps you really entertained, interested or motivated. After answering all the questions a Congratulations Screen appears giving you the total time it took you to answer all the questions.


The good things about this app are, you can get good at math by doing a lot of questions.  This will help with you with your math skills and hopefully give you better grades in school. Like mom and dad always say: “practice makes perfect”. The only thing I would like to change in the app is I wish it had more things in the game to keep you motivated. Overall if you want to learn and practice your math in a fun way, =&1=& is exactly what you need.

Hope you enjoyed my first review,

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