How to Clean PC Gaming with Vacuum Cleaner

It is very important to keep your PC computer clean! One of the easiest ways to keep your computer clean and prevent breakdowns is to vacuum out the dust.. Cleaning the PC gaming computer components, fans, keyboard, and case is usually never done the entire life of the computer. Depending on where the computer is located is the key to how often it should be cleaned. Also, a quick visual inspection will help in determining whether or not it is time to pull out the vacuum and suck out the dust.

After vacuuming the dust out of the different parts of the computer, the computer will run cooler and more efficiently. Heat is the biggest foe of the computer. That is the reason that computer CPUs, power supplies, and computer cases have fans. In addition, the computer case is designed with cooling vents allowing airflow throughout the case. Fans and case vents always collect dust and should be kept clean. Be aware that dust can damage and ruin the fans over long periods of time. One can tell when the fan is starting to go bad when it begins to make noise. If the fan is making noise when the computer is turned on it may be too late to clean. The fan should be replaced. If the fan stops working, it may not take long afterwards that your computer quits working due to overheating. Again, all of this can be avoided by simply sucking the dust off of the computer. Note that the dust should be lifted off the computer with a vacuum and not spread around by wiping.

According to vacuum expert at where you can find the best vacuum for 2020 in UK, A computer vacuum is an excellent tool in keeping your computer clean. It is designed for the PC computer. Do not use an upright vacuum nor any household vacuum used on carpets and floors. It is highly recommended that the correct tools be used to clean the computer as the motherboard, hard drive, CPU, and add on boards are sensitive to static electricity. Not only can you use a computer vacuum to clean the computer, but having a vacuum to clean the keyboard is a bonus. The keyboard is in the open and is subject to a falling object. If you are like me, you are attached to your keyboard. My keyboard has been with me over the ownership of several computers. Keeping the keyboard in good working condition by vacuuming out the junk that falls through the keys will ensure a long life for a favourite keyboard.

Here are some basic tips in cleaning the PC gaming computer and other computer components.

1) Use tools and cleaning solutions that are made for the individual component. Examples of this include using the right cleaning solution and cloth for the monitor. A standard washcloth from the house may damage and/or scratch the monitor. Dusting the motherboard with a house rag may cause static electricity and zap the motherboard.

2) Turn off the your gaming PC before cleaning and make sure that the electronics are completely dry before turning the computer on again.

3) Use proper cleaning spray to clean circuit boards.

4) Do not touch circuit boards without being properly grounded.

5) Be careful around jumpers especially when pulling leads out of the jumper studs. Know which wires are connected and which wires are unattached in case you pull a jumper off the post.

6) Use a computer vacuum to clean out dust and other small objects

7) Use cotton swabs to clean those hard to reach areas.

8) Use a can of compressed air/cleaner made for circuit boards and computers.

Regularly vacuuming your PC computer components with a computer vacuum and following the above housekeeping tips for computer components will ensure a longer than typical life for your PC gaming computer.

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