My Math App – How You Can Learn Math Easily, Everywhere and Anytime


My Math App is a simple to use app where you can learn the basics for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Simple Flash Cards appear on the screen displaying the questions.

Pros: You can configure the app however you like. Like how many digits are used, the number of questions, even a timer to see how long it takes for you to answer the questions, which can good if you want to play against someone and see who has the faster time.

Cons: The game can get boring after a while, nothing in the game keeps you really entertained, interested or motivated. After answering all the questions a Congratulations Screen appears giving you the total time it took you to answer all the questions.


The good things about this app are, you can get good at math by doing a lot of questions.  This will help with you with your math skills and hopefully give you better grades in school. Like mom and dad always say: “practice makes perfect”. The only thing I would like to change in the app is I wish it had more things in the game to keep you motivated. Overall if you want to learn and practice your math in a fun way, My Math App is exactly what you need.

Hope you enjoyed my first review,

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