Detective and Mystery Games Online

Everyone loves a mystery. Who did what to who.and why? Mysteries cry out to be solved. A great detective is needed or the evil doer will go free and none of us will be safe.

Mystery games online are a challenge for the mind and for skills of observation, cool thinking and nerve. The great detectives of the past are sometimes brought back to life to help out. Clues are uncovered and, in the final moments, the great unknowns are revealed to us. Read More

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My Math App – How You Can Learn Math Easily, Everywhere and Anytime


My Math App is a simple to use app where you can learn the basics for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Simple Flash Cards appear on the screen displaying the questions.

Pros: You can configure the app however you like. Like how many digits are used, the number of questions, even a timer to see how long it takes for you to answer the questions, which can good if you want to play against someone and see who has the faster time. Read More

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Jelly Splash Review – Challenging Game For Kids of All Ages

Jelly Splash is a really fun and challenging game for kids of all ages. The object of the game in Jelly Splash is to connect 3 or more of the same colored Jelly’s together. The more Jelly’s of the same color you connect to make a line gives you a higher score and a glowing jelly. If you can make a line with the glowing jelly, that entire row of jellies will disappear and you will get a higher score.

To move to the next level you need to complete the requested task. Some of the requested tasks are: Reach 12000 points in 15 moves, Clear all the dark slime in 12 moves, Bring 5 diamonds to the bottom in 18 moves. The game has 140 levels. Each area has 20 levels.

Pros: Read More

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Devilian Online Action MMORPG Review

Devilian Online is an Action MMORPG developed by Bluehole Ginno Games, and published by Trion Worlds in North America on December 2015.

If you live in North America, then you can download the steam version of Devilian. Otherwise, get it on their own platform which is Glyph.

Currently, there are 5 gender-locked classes. These are Berserker, Canonneer, Evoker, Shadow Hunter, and Tempest (Latest). Both have its own unique specialties. Read More

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Temple Run 2 – Cool Games For Kids and Gameplay

Temple Run 2 is a really fun and cool game. My mom got me hooked on this game. The object of the game is to just like original Temple Run is to take the idol and then run as fast as you can and avoid being eaten by the large scary gorilla, all the obstacles around you, like trees, cliffs, waterfalls and flames of fire, using the zip lines, mine tracks and making sure don’t fall off the edge with sharper turns, doing all this while collecting coins.


This game is really fun to play and can keep me entertained for long periods at a time, like those long drives to the cottage. In Temple Run 2, you can now choose from 4 different characters. The game also now offers power-ups/boost-ups.  Another cool feature is when you die in the game, you can come back to life with the green gem. Read More

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Exploding Kittens Game Review : Fun Game For Family

Exploding Kittens is a fun game that can be played with the whole family (Depending on which deck you use) or with your friends at game night. Its super easy to learn, it took us around 5 minutes and 10 minutes to explain everything to the kids.

You have two different decks. The Exploding Kittens: Original Edition (Kid Friendly) & The Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition (Explicit Content). The difference between the decks is the NSFW version of the game contains the full version of Exploding Kittens, but the artwork on each card has been replaced with content too horrible/amazing to be used in the original Exploding Kittens Game.

Each deck can play 2-5 players. The game usually lasts between 15-25 minutes depending on the strategic use of cards. Read More

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Mass Effect 2 Review

Why? Why are you reading this review? The time that you spend reading this page is valuable time that could be spent playing Mass Effect 2. It’s that good. Seriously. (Doubly so if you’ve played the original) Everything you need to know about Bioware’s sequel can be summed up as so. Buy this game. If need be purchase the Xbox 360, to do so.

Games such as this are a rarity in the industry and it was evident that Edmonton’s Bioware was onto something when it delivered the predecessor back in 2007. Although the franchise doesn’t have the brand power that other s do, such as the Halo series, Metal Gear, or Mario, it makes its stand as the only game with heart.

Yes, I said it,…Heart. And before all sorts of preconceptions are made and you write Mass Effect 2 off as a touchy-feely space drama, know this; You, dear reader, are the hero of this game. Let me explain. Read More

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